Coastal Vineyards a premier boutique Vineyards and Winery in Southern Massachusetts.

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To us, winemaking is the art of coaxing wonderful fruit flavors from individual grape varieties while also blending different grapes to create unique bouquets and mouthfeels not found in our varietals.

For our white wines, we whole cluster press our white grapes and ferment them in stainless steel tanks or barrels. We also age some of our white wines in almost neutral oak barrels to achieve more complex flavors.

For our red wines, we destem, crush and ferment grapes on their skins so their beautiful color and flavor blossom in each glass. Our red wines are processed through malolactic fermentation and aged in French oak barrels for 18 months.

All wines from Coastal Vineyards also are bottle-aged to enhance their unique flavors and characteristics.

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